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After Finding Potato In Chip Bag, Woman Writes Funny Poem To Company And They Respond!

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, you know what it’s like to deal with someone who isn’t satisfied by anything you do.

That’s why one woman’s hilarious complaint about a “defective” product has gone viral. Her back-and-forth banter with the company she complained to is just delightful because it’s something we hardly ever see!

boating friends

Erin Savage and Anna Elliott are two friends from Northern Ireland who share a love of boating and potato chips. During one seemingly normal outing, Anna found a strange item inside her bag of Tesco Finest crisps: a whole potato.

As far as Erin was concerned, that was simply unacceptable! So she took to the company’s Facebook page, sharing a photo of Anna with the offending spud and pouring her creativity into a hilarious complaint-turned-poem:

Let me set the scene for you to make you understand:
We went out on the boat for a row across the sea to find new land.
We had packed a picnic which included something to wet our lips
With the one and only Tesco Finest hand-cooked Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar crisps.
As we pulled up ashore and stepped out of the boat
Little did we foresee what could be hitting the back of our throat.

anna and potato

The hilarity didn’t stop there! She also explained that while the potato would taste good:

I’m disheartened that I missed out on several crisps’ worth of goodness
And feel really cheated that my bag held substantially less.
Also what shall I do with this salt and vinegar spud?
Do I frame it and cherish it or plant it back in the mud?
Could you imagine how awesome it would be
To grow a sea salt and cider vinegar potato tree?
Tesco, I await your response to my desperate plea
Because I worry about what will become of this special spud, you see.
Our picnic was railroaded and I’ll never get it back
So please make sure in the future all the potatoes are well-cut in the sack.

To Erin’s delight and amusement, not only did a Tesco employee named Avril reply, but they did so with a poem of their own! Someone needs to give them a customer service award!

tesco potato poem

Not to be outdone, Erin wrote back to express her gratitude with — you guessed it — a few more rhymes.

tesco potato poem

This is how every customer service issue should be resolved! Poems are so much better than heated arguments, don’t you think? At the very least, they make shopping more interesting.

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