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Cop Pulls Over 3-Yr-Old On Tricycle, Then Challenges Her To Cutest Street Race Ever.

Police officers may spend every day fighting crime and saving lives, but one adorable video shows they’re never too busy to brighten kids’ days.

On Feb. 20, the Rotterdam Police in South Holland shared footage on Facebook of one of their officers approaching a little girl in his cruiser. Such an encounter would be enough to make any adult a bit nervous, but the girl was excited to comply with the cop’s request. That’s because she was more than up for his challenge.

 cop asks pomme to race

Three-year-old Pomme, who lives in the Netherlands, was out riding her bike alongside her dad when the Dutch officer stopped by to greet them. Pomme’s dad took out his phone and recorded as the man asked the girl if she’d like to race. She immediately hopped onto her small pink bike and prepared to leave her competitor in the dust.

cop and pomme prepare to race

Dad rode his own bike alongside the two, capturing the race as he cheered his daughter on. She kept a steady lead on the cop car, eventually pulling way ahead and winning by a landslide. You go, Pomme!

pomme in the lead

Victorious, the little cutie smiled proudly at her dad.

pomme wins the race on her bike

And despite suffering a major loss, the good-natured officer pulled up to congratulate the tiny winner. Now the department is jokingly referring to Pomme as the next Max Verstappen — the Belgian-Dutch racer who became the youngest driver to compete in Formula 1 at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix. A fitting description, no?

cop congratulates pomme

Understandably, viewers are practically squealing at the precious footage. Thousands shared the video and commented to express how happy they are to see cops and children enjoying wholesome fun together.

“Well done Pomme! How nice look love positive news reports about police!” one person wrote.

Another added, “Dear Pomme and dear police, thank you for making my day well today. Haha this is super sweet!”

Great job, officer, for taking the time to make a little girl’s day.

Now get ready to watch the cutest race ever below. Share with others to make them smile!

“Wil jij een wedstrijdje doen met de politie?” Daar hoefde de driejarige Pomme niet lang over na te denken. IJverig stapte ze op haar fiets en ging ze de strijd tegen de politie aan, terwijl haar trotse papa de race filmde. Het spreekt natuurlijk voor zich wie gewonnen heeft… deze agenten mogen snel zijn, maar Pomme is hard op weg om de nieuwe Max Verstappen te worden!

Posted by Politie Rotterdam on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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