Pediatric Surgeon’s Unusual Routine Between Surgeries Has Touched Johns Hopkins Patients For 39 Yrs.

Dr. Michael Gallant has worked for nearly four decades at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, where he’s performed cleft palate and other reconstructive surgeries for thousands of children. But the same hands that so expertly tie off sutures are as equally adept at flying across the piano during his down time.


At the time he was growing up, the Juilliard School of Music in New York offered a program for children who wanted to play music but did not intend to make a career of it. He studied piano there on the weekends for seven years, and though he ultimately decided to pursue medicine, he continues to play.


The public and staff rarely ventured through the lobby at the hospital’s old location, so even though a piano sat there waiting for someone to play, no one ever did. But the piano now sits in a heavily trafficked area at the location that opened in 2010.

Gallant frequently sends his breaks playing for all to hear, stealing moments at the piano between surgeries.


“The best thing is when the little kids come by and a lot of times they’ll either stand there looking fascinated or they’ll sit down with me, which is what I really like,”he says.

Check out how his fingers fly in the video below, and share to spread smiles!

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