Don’t Believe Music Can Save Lives? Well Henry Does, And At 2:40 You’ll Smile And Agree.

Songs are powerful. Each song we know carries with it a type of emotion or memory that we relive whenever that song is played. We cannot control such a reaction. It’s inside us. And for these elderly patients who are so tragically confined within their own bodies, the tunes crawl inside their skin and reanimate them, allowing them to live through the music like they’re not able to alone. 

Minute two in the video gives me goose bumps. Henry, the elderly gentleman in the video, has been in a nursing home for approximately 10 years after his constant seizures became too much for his wife to handle alone. His daughter speaks in the video, remembering how much Henry loved music and used to fill their home with song and dance, giving his daughter a lifetime of unforgettable memories. I can’t imagine how much he must suffer being so confined to his body.

Thankfully for Henry, modern music technology allows Yvonne to give back  to him what he always gave his family: the healing power of music. Even if you don’t personally believe in what music can do, there’s no denying Henry’s bright eyes, his melodious voice, and his new willingness and enthusiasm to speak to the camera after he’s heard some of his favorite songs.

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