Deaf Baby Heard Mom’s Voice For The First Time And Lit Up Like The Sun. This Is Such A Precious Moment!

Studies show that unborn children can hear their mother’s voice within the womb. The thought that some kids have never heard their mother’s voice is heartbreaking, but thanks to technology those days are behind us.


Little Jonothan came down with an aggressive form of meningitis when he was only 4-months-old, leaving him totally deaf. A new type of hearing implant was modified for the toddler in hopes that he would hear and speak normally. While mom held her child, the nurse flipped on the device…

Then the most wonderful thing happened.

When mom spoke his name, the biggest and happiest smile we’ve ever seen lit up the room! The moment powerfully shows the deep connection between parents and their children. We all feel it, but can only be explained as love.

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