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Frantic Parents Scream For Someone To Help Unresponsive 3-Yr-Old, Cop’s Dashcam Captures Heroic Rescue.

Last week, a police officer in Granbury, Texas named Chase Miller was scanning his radio when he heard an alert. An ambulance was on its way to the parking lot of a KFC, to help a toddler who had stopped breathing. Officer Miller realized he was only one minute away from the scene, so he sprang into action. When he arrived at the KFC, he found 3-year-old Brayden, not breathing and totally unresponsive. Brayden’s parents were in a panic. That’s when Miller began CPR.

Miller didn’t realize it at the time, but his entire, heroic rescue was filmed by his dash cam. You can see Brayden’s parents in tears as Miller performs CPR, and Brayden’s dad even takes over at one point while Miller fetches supplies from his vehicle. Finally, little Brayden breathes!

Days later, Officer Miller and Brayden met again under much happier circumstances!

The heroic cop received the Life Saving Award from the Granbury Mayor at a city council meeting, and Brayden and his parents were there to applaud him.


But Miller came with a gift for little Brayden. According to a Granbury Police Department’s Facebook status:

The boy’s favorite cartoon show on TV is Paw Patrol. And the boy’s favorite character on Paw Patrol is… you guessed it, CHASE! So Officer Chase Miller presented the by with his version of Chase to remember the moment by.

Brayden’s mom posted a picture of her son hugging his new toy, a reminder of how precious life is and of Officer Miller’s kindness.


Check out the incredible dash cam footage below!

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