Obese Mom Sheds 158 Lbs After Father’s Near-Death Experience.

Many people began the New Year with resolutions for better health and weight loss. It’s not easy to make these kinds of changes.

Sometimes it takes a major wakeup call to motivate us to make changes in our lives. For a mom named Crystal Dawn Turk, it was her father’s heart problems that made her realize she needed a change and fast. It wasn’t going to be easy; she’d been overweight for roughly two decades.

At first, Crystal struggled with exercise. But she didn’t give up.


By filming herself and taking pictures, Crystal could not only see her progress, but it also helped her keep herself accountable. It was a slow, difficult journey, but in the end her hard work paid off.

Crystal shed an incredible 158 pounds!


Even now, she continues to push herself to meet new goals. For instance, her brother challenged her to walk up a mountain carrying a 20-pound weight. Instead, Crystal decided to carry double the amount of weight.

Crystal’s encouragement to others is, “Set your mind to accomplish something and you WILL do it!”


Today, Crystal works as a personal trainer, something that is only possible thanks to her decision to make her own weight loss and health-related goals a top priority.

If Crystal’s fitness journey spurred you to stick to your own weight loss goals, share her story to inspire others today!

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