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matted fur dog

Neglected Dog Dumped At Shelter, Turns Into Adorable Bundle Of Joy After Emergency Grooming.

Dogs always have a special way of touching our hearts. When a dog is mistreated or neglected by their owner it makes us furious. We think, “How could someone be so cruel to a such a wonderful creature?” As a proud puppy owner myself, I can’t imagine purposefully not caring for my little fur ball.

One neglectful owner decided he no longer wanted his dog and walked him 3 miles behind his bike to an open access shelter. The poor dog, Clyde, was so uncared for that he was practically blind from the amount of fur covering his eyes. Imagine having to walk three miles blindfolded!

Life With Dogs

The owner had Clyde locked in his basement and when he wanted to use the basement for something else, he decided to get rid of the poor dog.

So  Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) took the matted Clyde in. After examining him they realized that not only was his fur basically a ‘shell’ but he also reeked of urine — most likely from being locked in a rodent infested basement.

Life With Dogs

It took the TAF crew 3.5 hours in an emergency grooming to rid Clyde of most of his knotted and matted fur and even then they still couldn’t remove all of it. He had to visit the vet in order to get the rest of his remaining fur removed.

Life With Dogs

What a terrifying experience for poor little Clyde! But when they were done he was finally able to move and see freely!

Life With Dogs

The now happy Clyde was excited to play with some of the other dogs at TAF.

Life With Dogs

It seems as if fate was on Clyde’s side because he found a new owner who had some strange coincidences that let her know that something had brought them together.

Life With Dogs

Clyde’s new Mom realized that the date he was abandoned was also the anniversary of her father’s passing.

“The next sign was the sweetest… before his passing, her mother’s loving nickname for her dad was Clyde. Perhaps this was his way of letting Clyde’s mom know that he is still watching over her. So much love just never goes away.”

Life With Dogs

We’re thankful for all of the people who pitched in to care for this neglected dog and for those who care for their dogs every day.

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