Teen Surprises BFF With Special Needs In Best Way — Then The WWE Joins The Fun!

wwe wrestlers posing for a picture with two high school boys who are holding framed replica wwe belts

Charles “CJ” Thompson Jr. and Shanquis are the definition of #friendgoals.

The two met in CJ’s senior year of high school during their first period gym class. Shanquis, who has special needs, was practicing some wrestling moves when he caught his soon-to-be best friend’s attention.

A huge fan of the WWE, CJ decided to start up a conversation with Shanquis. As the semester went on, the two only became closer through their shared love of wrestling. By the time December came around, CJ was determined to find the perfect Christmas gift to give his new friend: an NXT wrestling belt.

“You (know) like that first day of school feeling where you can’t sleep, I was like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to see his face, I can’t wait to see his face,'” CJ said.

When the big day finally arrived, Shanquis’ reaction proved to be more than worth the wait! As soon as he opened his gift, he threw it over his shoulder and began to shout like his favorite WWE wrestler.

“The reaction was priceless,” CJ continued. “It made me feel so good.”

CJ shared a video of the surprise on Twitter, where it received hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and comments. The love between these two best friends was incredibly inspiring, including to some of the people who work for the WWE.

They loved the video so much, in fact, that they helped make arrangements for both students to attend the Royal Rumble in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, this was an absolute dream come true for these massive fans!

Not only did CJ and Shanquis get to attend a live WWE match, but they also received the VIP treatment. They were surprised with replica belts and even got to meet most of the wrestlers, including their favorites! The WWE shared clips of their unforgettable day on YouTube, capturing the various looks of shock and joy on the teens’ faces that are absolutely priceless.

Neither of them could have imagined that their friendship would lead to all of this, but even without this incredible turn of events, CJ hopes his initial act of kindness will encourage others to look for ways to do the same.

“I just hope people realize how, even a small act can make somebody’s day,” he said. “If everybody does stuff like that, the confidence rises, everyone starts feeling, bullying goes down, it’s just — I don’t see any negative coming from that.”

Watch CJ and Shanquis’ WWE adventure in the video below, and don’t forget to share this sweet story.

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