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8th Grader With Downs Has Cutest Over-The-Top Reaction To School “Kindness Award.”

Every parent has little goals for their children (whether kids know about them or not). For some it may be academics, sports, or music – but it’s safe to say that every parent hopes to raise their child to be kind above all else.

When Brenda Page settled in to watch her 8th-grade son, Christopher, graduate she patiently watched the awards ceremony portion, clapping for each student’s achievement. Still, nothing prepared her for the award her son was about to receive.


Christopher was thrilled to be celebrating his last day as a middle schooler. The rising freshman has down syndrome and has truly enjoyed his time in school. According to Brenda, Christopher “wakes up with a smile on his face everyday” and “loves people.”


Despite his amazing attitude and spirit, both Brenda and Christopher were in shock when, during the awards portion of his graduation, Christopher was given the “Kindness Award” from his school.

In a video Brenda posted to Facebook, Christopher hears his name called and immediately jumps out of his seat in elation. It seems that all of his fellow students are cheering for him as he hands out high-fives and jumps around on stage in celebration.


Brenda sat there as proud as a mom could be. She said, “it touches my heart that he got it for kindness. It means more to me than straight A’s or perfect attendance.”


As for Christopher, he was walking on clouds and so thrilled that not only did he win an award – but that he graduated and was heading off to high school. It seems as though it was a wonderful day for everyone involved.

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