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When City Floods, Teachers Stay At School Overnight With Trapped Students.

Whoever says teachers are only in their field to get summers off have it all wrong. It takes a lot of passion and love to be an educator, and oftentimes the job doesn’t end when they leave the building for the night.

This passion and love was definitely demonstrated by teachers, administrators, and even the superintendent of a Houston elementary school when hundreds of students became stranded at the building because of nearby flooding.


Only four days into his role as superintendent, Chris Trotter had to make the decision to close schools due to rising flood waters in the area. At the time of closing, nearly 800 students were stuck inside the school as they waited for their parents and by the end of the night, 60 kiddos remained.

Chris and some of the school’s dedicated staff members did not even consider abandoning the kids overnight. They decided to make the best of the slumber party situation and make the night as enjoyable as possible for the students.


Teachers and staff came together to cook meals for the students and set up little cots with blankets for each kid so that they’d have a good night’s sleep.


The kids also got to enjoy a lot of extra play time – where they included Chris in the fun! The superintendent also helped around the school to show his respect and dedication to the teachers and administrators that report to and depend on him.


By the next morning, the nearby flooding was (finally) under control and the remaining students were either picked up by their parents or bussed home since schools remained closed.

Still, something tells us a fun and exciting lock-in wasn’t a bad way to spend a Tuesday night for these students, especially with the amazing educators they had there to comfort (and play with) them.

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