Bullies Beat Up Theatre Kid, Now London’s Biggest Musicals Are Rushing To Make It Right.

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It feels awful to be made fun of for the things you love most, especially when you’re a kid.

For a sweet boy named Charlie, the hate and bullying went beyond cruel words to outright physical violence. Recently, bullies have been harassing the 9-year-old from Reading, England, at school. His crime? Being passionate about musical theatre.

charlie loves musical theater

Things eventually got so bad that six boys cornered Charlie and beat him up at school this month. The little boy takes singing lessons with “Wicked” actor Jacqueline Hughes, and when she heard what happened, she couldn’t stand by and do nothing.

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So she reached out to the people she knew could cheer Charlie up — her theatre community. As Jacqueline explained in a tweet, the boy really needed some support after dealing with bullies who’d rather hurt than befriend him. And boy, did they come through for Charlie.

jacqueline hughes tweetsjacqueline hughes tweets

Soon, messages of love came flooding in from actors all over the West End of London. Charlie even received videos from cast members of “Aladdin“…


…”Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”…

…and “Les Misérables,” to name a few! So far, Charlie has received hundreds of sweet messages with the hashtag #CheerUpCharlie, which began trending in the U.K.

The best part? Charlie has since been invited to a number of performances, including “Phantom of the Opera” and “Aladdin” showings, after which he met both casts and enjoyed backstage tours!


As for Jacqueline, she’s been overwhelmed by all the support.

“I am lost for words and completely overwhelmed! Each and every message is so heartfelt and fueled by love and kindness,” she wrote. “Thank you. So proud to be part of an industry where you CAN be unique, yourself and be accepted.”

Jacqueline also shared a special musical “thank you” to everyone from her and Charlie, who’s proud to say he’s still standing thanks to his new internet friends. It just goes to show that while there are mean people everywhere waiting to cut you down, the good always outnumbers the bad!

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