Budweiser’s Father’s Day Ad Ends With Emotional Surprise For 3 Stepdads.

budweiser stepfather

Budweiser is known for creating compelling and emotional ads, but their latest offering manages to move viewers to tears without the use of cute puppies or powerful Clydesdale horses.

In honor of Father’s Day the famous beer purveyor made an ad that celebrates the oft-neglected parents of the world: stepfathers. These are the men who stepped up to help raise the children of the women they love, and somewhere along the lines, they became just as important, sometimes more so, as the kids’ biological fathers.


The premise of the commercial is simple; three grown stepchildren share their stories of meeting the man who would become their dad, describing the mixed emotions that accompanied a new male coming into their lives at a young and impressionable state of adolescence.

“I didn’t really have like a close relationship with my like actual dad, so when I met Mark, I was like, ‘Oh, this is like what a dad is,'” said Victor of his stepdad Mark. The two are shooting some pool in a bar and drinking, you guessed it, tall bottles of Budweiser as they bond over their auspicious early years.

“Watching Victor grow, watching the person that he’s become has been amazing, and to know that maybe I’ve had a little bit of influence on that has been awesome,” Mark said.


Another woman describes how she was “not having it” when she was first introduced to her mother’s boyfriend Randall. Like many children of divorce she was still holding out hope that her parents would reconcile, so she was reluctant to get too close to her stepdad. Yet over the years, she realized that the family she’d always dreamed of having was not just within her grasp — she already held it in her hands.

“Everything that my actual biological father promised that he would do, you actually came through and did,” she told Randall. “It took some time, but I suddenly saw Randy in a different light. There’s this person right here that loves me and will do anything for me, and then it was like ‘boom, what are you doing? You have something right there right in front of you.'”


The end of the ad is when the real waterworks start. All three of these adults stepchildren have a surprise for their stepdads. They each pull out a piece of paper and ask their dads to make their family official by adopting them. Each of the men’s reaction is completely unfiltered and genuine. They’re simply speechless with emotion, and we dare you not to get a bit weepy yourself when you see their delighted faces!


“To me, he’s always been my father,” said Victor through tears.

Budweiser’s Vice President of Marketing Monica Rustgi said the ad aims to include an often marginalized group of parents who deserve our recognition. “On a day when the world celebrates fathers, Budweiser wants to shine an unexpected light on fatherhood. That’s why this Father’s Day, Budweiser is toasting stepfathers who love their stepchildren like their own,” she stated.

The ad ends with Budweiser asking viewers to share their own stories of what their stepfathers have meant to them. Not only that, but they’re donating $1 for every social media comment to a nonprofit that supports blended families called Stepfamily Foundation.

budweiser dad commercial

This ad is a wonderful addition to the heartfelt sentiments Budweiser frequently gifts us with, but there’s something even more special about seeing these stepdads be recognized for stepping into a tough situation and creating a new family unit through love, grace, and respect.

Watch the video below to wish Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, and don’t forget to share.

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