Reporter heard about school’s “Buddy Bench,” but heart melted when kid sprinted over and explained what it is.

When Elementary School kids have a tough time making friends, the playground can be the loneliest place on earth. Most kids can overcome their shyness with time and be outgoing, but for those that need a little push, Willowgrove School in Saskatoon may have the solution.


The “Buddy Bench.”

“If you can’t find your best friends and you don’t know where to go play, you sit on the buddy bench and someone will include you in your game.”

The Buddy Bench is a little green seat for two in the middle of the school playground. Whenever a student feels like they have nobody to play with during recess, they sit on the buddy bench and wait. In no time, another student comes over and includes them in the game!

In the clip below, a reporter has her heart melted when a sweet little boy sprints over to check on her and then explains what the bench is!

Check it out… and share to spread some love!

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