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Young Mom Wanted Daughter In Wedding, So She Comes Up With Beautiful Solution.

As Dalton Mort made her wedding preparations, there’s one thing she didn’t worry about: childcare.

Dalton and her fiance Jimmy Joe have a two-year-old daughter, and the couple felt strongly about finding a way to make sure Ellora was a big part of their wedding day. That’s why, after Dalton was fully dressed in her stunning wedding gown and intricately-styled up-do, the bride’s mother helped her fashion a brightly-colored sling around her shoulders and waist so that Ellora could literally be a part of the action.

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

A series of incredible wedding pictures from Dalton and Jimmy Joe’s wedding have now gone viral thanks to their sweet little daughter chilling out in her sling throughout the event.

Ellora was there to witness her mom walking down the aisle and listening to the mass, and she only played with mom’s hair a little bit.

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

Ellora even got to have a little snack during the wedding vows. Yes, Dalton even breastfed during the vows. Talk about multitasking!

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

After nursing, the toddler fell asleep in her mother’s arms and never once interrupted the ceremony. This is definitely something you don’t see every day, but Dalton explained that the couple were elated to have their daughter play such a big role during their wedding.

“I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Dalton said. “There is no better behaved toddler then a sleeping toddler, and she was still involved, even though I ended up unwrapping her to nurse her. I held her in my arms while my husband and I said our vows. It was really special for us.”

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

Dalton further explained that her decision to wear Ellora was a practical one. “I knew it was going to be a crazy day for her with tons of stuff to do and she’s still pretty attached to me so I wanted her to be close,” she said. “It was actually easier to focus with her being there with me and tied down a little bit.”

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

Dalton says she has zero regrets about including Ellora in this way, explaining, “I knew from the start that I wanted her to be involved because we’re a family, and to me, getting married was about a commitment to our family and not just us.”

Now that her wedding photos have gone viral, Dalton says they can’t believe that so many people are interested but it definitely adds a little something extra to their big day. “These pictures have gone crazy — I never expected that to happen,” she said. “I can’t wait for her to be older to show her how she was part of everything with us.”

Laura Schaefer, Fire & Gold Photography

What a special memory for all involved! We love this mom’s dedication to keeping her daughter close during what can be a busy, hectic day for many families. We wish the Mort family a lifetime of closeness and happy days!

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