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Christine Ha and Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef

Nervous Contestant Expects To Be Criticized, But What Happens Instead Forever Changed Her Life.

If you happened to find yourself in a cooking competition with Chef Gordon Ramsay some normal reactions might be fear, panic, and nervous sweating. Just watch one episode of his wildly successful TV shows Hells Kitchen or MasterChef and you’ll get the point very quickly.

But in this brief clip from Season 3 of MasterChef, we are confronted with a very different side of Chef Ramsay.

The clip begins with blind contestant Christine Ha being led to the judging platform where Chef Ramsay was waiting. This part of the show was a “pressure test” in which all contestants had to bake an apple pie in a very short window of time. Christine was clearly flustered in the kitchen and put her pie into the oven with only 18 minutes left in the competition.

When it came time for Christine to answer to Chef Ramsay about her pie, her spirits were down. Chef Ramsay asked her what she thought the pie looked like, to which she replied, “I think it probably looks like a pile of rubbish.” She didn’t believe in herself, and it was clear to Chef Ramsay.

Then, in a remarkable display of empathy, Chef Ramsay began describing Christine’s pie. He spoke in such vivid, beautiful imagery that she began to tear up. It was as if Christine, in this brief moment, could once again see in full clarity!

In between moments of describing the pie, Chef Ramsay spoke powerful words of encouragement to Christine. I want to leave you with the words he spoke, which I’m sure played a part in Christine going on on to win Season 3 of the show!

“So stop doubting yourself, and be bold.

Stop feeling upset with yourself. You’ve got to start believing in yourself more.”

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