Blind Runner Is Shattering World Records, His Story Is Truly Inspiring

Cristian Valenzuela opens up this video (by Brazilian team Pudim) by stating,

“I have memories of the sky filled with stars. So I have the theory that we choose if our sky is starry or not.”

And so we begin the story of how he, after losing his vision at 12 years old, came to be a world champion and Olympic gold-medal runner.

If you’ve ever run a 5K before, you know it’s not easy for most of us to do, but can you imagine doing it without being able to see? Cristian talks about how he came to start running after he became blind. He tried the usual outlets like music and poetry, but they didn’t give him the sense of liberty he sought.

Running, he says, helped him “breath again”, and was like “exploration”. He could feel the ground change and bend beneath his feet, and in one scene, we see him feeling the earth with his hands and smelling it. For him, it gave him an outlet to see the world and the gorgeous Chilean Andes in a way none of us will be able to.

After he fell in love with the sport, he was determined to show everyone that he could still excel, even while blind, at a competitive level.

Cristian demonstrates the amazing force of the human will and how it drives us to see and do amazing things… despite obstacles and disability. He shows us that we really can choose if our sky is starry or not.

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