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bill murray random act of kindness

Bill Murray Strikes Again With A Random Act Too Crazy To Be True.

We’ve all heard the craziest stories about Bill Murray, stories that seem too mythical to be real. He’s shown up to random house parties, and done the dishes afterward, photobombed a couple’s engagement shoot, and even given an impromptu speech on marriage advice at a bachelor party. All of these seemingly tall tales are totally true and define how amazing, random, and amazingly random Bill Murray really is.


bill murray random
Image via Nerds Raging
bill murray party
Image via Movie Pilot


His most recent moment of unreal awesomeness took place in a cab in Oakland, California. He was having a chat with the cabbie and found out the stranger plays the saxophone. When Murray asked him about practicing he said he drives 14 hours a day and doesn’t have time to. Immediately, Murray inquired about where his sax was and when he replied it was in the trunk Murray simply said, “pull over and get in the back, I know how to drive a car.”


The cabbie played his sax wonderfully while Murray drove the pair all the way to Sausalito and they even went to a barbecue joint along the way. He encouraged the stranger to play at the joint and the two new friends had an unforgettable night of music, conversation, and spontaneity.


The best thing about this random interaction was that it was totally selfless. Both of these men got to have an incredible night of mutual respect and admiration for each other, just genuinely caring about another human being and their talent.


bill murray is random
Image via Hit Fix
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