City Refused To Care For Neglected Strays, So This Girl Fought To Save Them.

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At InspireMore, we’ve seen some incredibly kind hearted people come to the aid of our furry friends. Whether it’s an elephant trapped in a well or a dolphin beached on the shore humans always seem ready to answer their call for aid. Recently we found a heartwarming video showing exactly this type of kindness from a female biker to the stray dogs of Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Beatriz Hernandez has spent her entire life in the sprawling city surrounded by stray animals. Growing up, Beatriz hounded her parents to no end with requests to turn their home into rescue shelter. Now that she’s grown, Beatriz takes her kindness and care to the streets of Guatemala City to better the lives of its stray dogs and cats.

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Beatriz posts photos and videos on her Facebook page to show her daily routine with a few of the neighborhood dogs. The young woman loads up her backpack with dog food every morning and then visits the pooches as she runs errands around the city. In the video, we see Beatriz handing out food to dogs that are obviously very appreciative of her.

She has started to take in and care for injured strays she finds but still struggles to pay for the vet bills. You can help her raise funds for bills and food by donating to her official GoFundMe page.

If we all made an effort to pursue this kind of kindness towards others, this world would become more beautiful by the day.

Check out her daily route in the video below!

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