Wobbly Baby Horse Is So Scared By First Sneeze That He Topples Over.

baby horse sneeze

For the most part, horses are synonymous with grace and elegance, the way they trot so effortlessly through fields, pasture lands, and shorelines. The world-famous Lipizzaner stallions are even trained in the art of dressage, an equine version of dancing.

But horses in general move with so much poise that it almost seems like they’re born that way. But they aren’t. Not by a long shot. Just as with humans, it takes time and practice for foals to get a hang of the whole standing thing. At first, they’re adorably wobbly and uncoordinated.

This filly was just a few hours old when Smithville, Texas, resident Sammi Hill shot this laughably adorable footage.


The newborn is clearly pretty unstable on her feet still, and when a sneeze sneaks up on her, she’s definitely not ready for it.


The force of it literally knocks the cutie off her feet!


Watch what happens when she can’t course correct and topples over. It is seriously adorable.

She lays there, apparently stunned, for several moments. Her mom doesn’t seem too concerned but does bend down to make sure her little klutz is okay.


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