A Man Visits All 201 Countries Of The World Without Flying. To Prove It, He Made This Epic Video

Man Traveled To Every Country Without Flying

Graham Hughes is the first person to visit all 201 nations without ever flying, something no one had every attempted before. Graham is a British filmmaker and adventurer with a passion for travel.



In this film, “The Odyssey Expedition,” he recorded one second of every day where he reveals his current location. Though many told him that it couldn’t be done, this “ginger backpacker” was able to travel alone, on a shoestring budget, and make history.

“I love waking up somewhere new every day, I love not knowing what lies around the next corner, I love the thrill of the unknown and the tremendous sense of achievement as I break through these borders and see my map of the world filled in.  Most of all, I love the support and friendship offered to me by complete strangers — everywhere, from Antigua to Afghanistan.”


Read the “absorbing, entertaining and sometimes hilarious blog of his journey” on theodysseyexpedition.com.

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