5 Easy Ways To Create More Mental Space

Thanks to our friend & leadership expert Dr. Lee Colan from The L Group for this information on growing your brain’s ability!



In an age that is rich with information & short on time, we may be shrinking our mental capacity without even knowing it.  How often do you spend hours staring at a screen without even thinking?  It’s an issue that we are all facing and having to deal with.


It’s also something that’s becoming increasingly unavoidable with the growth of technology in work & leisure.  This technology, if we’re not careful, could replace our brain (e.g. “I’m not sure, let me Google the answer instead of thinking about it.”)  But, to be an innovator and to live the way we want, we have to be able to think.


With that said, here are 5 very simple activities you can do to open up your mind and increase your capacity to slow down and think.


1. Cushion Your Meetings.

Schedule meetings for 45 minutes instead of one hour to build in time to synthesize your thoughts in-between meetings.


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