25 Spoiled Hedgehogs Enjoying The Finer Things In Life

hedgehog and donuts

We have shared some hilarious pet-related lists with you before, like this list of 20 Pets That Have To Be The Center Of Attention or these 23 Pets Who Had No Clue You’d Be Home So Early. While those lists were intended to make you laugh, the list below is more likely to make you envious!


The list is of Instagram-famous hedgehogs… and their lives are better than most humans! The spoiled hedgies below wear designer bags, travel around the world, drink Starbucks, paint… basically these spiny little divas are living the best life possible! Check out the precious pictures below, and try not to get too jealous.

1. This artistically inclined hedgehog

2. This musical hedgehog

  A photo posted by Ozzie the Hedgehog (@pokeyozzie) on


3. This basic hedgie.

4. This hedgehog having tea


5. Designer only for this posh hog

6. Literary hedgehog


7. …Reading away

8. This world traveler


9. This hedgie who is ready for the holidays

10. This hedgehog who just emerged from napping to be social


11. This hedgehog ready for donuts in bed

12. …And got what he wanted


13. This hedgie-cone

14. …and this one


15. This hedgehog who got his own birthday cake


Just here for the cake.


A photo posted by hedgehogs (@hedgehographer) on

16. Beach-ready hedgehog

My summer look A photo posted by Calico And Oatmeal (@adventuresofcalico) on


17. This pool-side bathing beauty

18. This hedgehog whose bed is probably comfier than yours


19. This fashion hog

20. This hedgie who only wears the hottest brands of makeup


21. …And is always ready to try more

22. This adventurous hedgie


23. This hedgehog getting a massage

24. This hedgehog who is lookin’ sharp

  A photo posted by Ozzie the Hedgehog (@pokeyozzie) on

25. The Queen Hedgehog

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