20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Grew Up With A Sibling

To put it lightly, my sister and I did not get along when we were growing up. As adults, we’re closer than ever and genuinely enjoy when we get to be together for weeks at a time (we live in separate states). But as kids? We were arch enemies.

Of course, this rivalry was still undercut with a deep sense of love, as are most sibling relationships, no matter how tumultuous they might appear. If you have a sister—or a sibling at all, really—then you know what I’m talking about

From your sister going through your closet without permission to little daily annoyances, this list is as relatable as it is funny. It helps you to realize that all siblings go through similar trials and tribulations that, once time has passed, become silly things to look back upon and bond over.

1. With sisters your heart tends beat faster…


2. And borrowing a shirt turns into a WWE match.


 3. But the rage is not one sided…


4. Sometimes things get physical


5. You constantly get on each other’s nerves…


6. Sometimes they act innocent in front of your parents but you know better


7. So you find sneaky ways to fight with them so your parents won’t get mad


8. And make threats when they try and get you into trouble

Quick Meme

9. The worst is when mom makes you “hug it out” even though you’re still mad


10. But there’s a smug satisfaction when your parents take your side of an argument


11. You will fight over what show to watch


12. And compete for counter space


13. And you’ll always know exactly who took a shower last


14. But you can get revenge. Like when you come back from the bathroom and she’s in your favorite spot


15. Or when you both call shotgun


16. The best moments are when your parents put you in charge
Dad Of Frankenstein

 17. And the worst are when someone tells you, “You’re sister’s hot”


18. But some days you realize you’d be lost without them and go out of your way to prove it.


19. And no one else is allowed to say anything negative about them


20. Because in the end, who and what would we be without our siblings?

As annoying as they can be, they’re often the ones who can make us laugh the hardest and teach us the most.

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