15 Hilariously Photoshopped Images That Are The Definition Of Malicious Compliance

You’ve heard of the old adage, “ask a silly question, get a silly answer,” right?


British graphic designer James Fridman has made a name for himself on Twitter by answering silly Photoshop requests in the absolute silliest way possible. When people send him pictures and ask him to improve the images, he usually takes them very, very literally. His hilarious brand of malicious compliance never fails to crack us up!

1. James always does exactly what is asked of him. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. People are so vague with their requests! It’s no wonder he takes them literally.

3. See? She really should have been more specific.

4. “Some sort of agent?” James is on it!

5. Ooh, he’s dangerous…. He’s the kind you don’t take home to mother!

6. Nothing a little digging won’t fix.

7. He disappeared, alright! Like a chameleon on a rock.

8. She’s never looked better.

9. She doesn’t look a day over 70.

10. They got their wish; it doesn’t get more metal than this.

11. “Somebodddddy stop me!”

12. We don’t think this was quite the aesthetic she was going for.

13. Maybe a little hair in the face wasn’t so bad after all.

14. That’s certainly more interesting! A bit terrifying, but definitely interesting.

15. Clever! We think he nailed it, don’t you?

James has been making us laugh for so many years, he’s practically a Twitter celebrity. We’re not sure why people keep sending him their photos and expecting anything other than trolling in return, but we’re so glad they do! We have to believe that they’re all in it for the laughs, just like we are.

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