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Whataburger Throws “Best Birthday Party Ever” For Adorable 6-Yr-Old Fan.

Whataburger is already famous for its delicious fast food, but recently the burger chain was given a new honorific by one of its biggest fans: thrower of the best birthday party ever.

Meet Becca, an adorable little girl from Vidor, Texas who just can’t get enough of Whataburger. She just turned six years old, and as many do, she wanted to celebrate her new year with food from her favorite restaurant.


Her mom, Ashley Schroeder, was happy to oblige. But at a friend’s suggestion, she decided to do one better and throw Becca’s party in their local Whataburger. Ashley stopped by a day before to run the plan by the manager, who loved the idea and promised to have everything ready for the next afternoon.

When Ashley arrived early to decorate the next day, she was shocked by the wonderful sight that greeted her. The employees had decked out their dining area with balloons, orange tablecloths, hamburger stickers, and cute french fry boxes — and it was all for the birthday girl.

whataburger birthday party

Becca, her sisters, and her friends were each given a kid’s meal, a slice of cake, and cookies they got to decorate themselves in a fun, loving environment. “The staff was so sweet and patient with the room full of 6-year-olds,” Ashley told 12News.

whataburger birthday party

While Becca doesn’t say very much because she has an intellectual disability, she needed no words to get this message across: This was the best birthday ever! And it was all thanks to everyone at the burger joint who went above and beyond to throw her an unforgettable party. Happy birthday, Becca!

whataburger birthday party

While customer service may be the standard at Whataburger, this event was entirely out of the ordinary for Becca and her mom. This restaurant and its stellar employees care about their customers so much they didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Other companies, take note!

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