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Woman Plays “Down In The River To Play” On Banjo But Her Chicken Steals The Show

Phoebe Sanders plays a fretless banjo while her chicken, Ozma, checks out the camera.

Phoebe Sanders is a young banjo player who highlights her escapades on YouTube. She lives in a rural area with free-range chickens around her as she records banjo music. She has several banjos, including a “fretless” banjo. When she bought it, Phoebe introduced it in a video; then, she named her hexagon fretless banjo Bixby.

Banjo player Phoebe Sanders playing a hexagon fretless banjo with a chicken in the background.
Image from YouTube.

Frets are tiny bars on the neck of a banjo or guitar that guide finger placement to create different chords. Without frets, a banjo can produce different sounds, such as “slides,” when the musician slides their fingers down the neck to raise the chord’s pitch. Phoebe admits she isn’t always diligent about practicing on her fretless banjo, so she created a “Fretless Friday” video series.

One of the most insistent video bombers is Phoebe’s chicken Ozma, who seems intent on stealing Phoebe’s fanbase for herself. Of course, you’ll also see Phoebe calling out to Ozma right before she begins playing, so it could be an orchestrated takeover. At the beginning of the video, Ozma seems content to hang out behind Phoebe. It doesn’t take her long to get curious and explore the camera.

Phoebe Sanders plays a fretless banjo while her chicken, Ozma, checks out the camera.
Image from YouTube.

In an introduction video, Phoebe brought out her four chickens for her fans to meet. They are Ozma (lavender orpington), Toto (barred rock), Billina (buff orpington), and Squidward (silkie). Ozma and Toto appear to be quite comfortable with the camera. Ozma seems to have developed a taste for fame, though.

Phoebe is a talented banjo player who has played for about five years. Her video series focuses on improving her talent. The chickens are a bonus, and their antics add humor and personality. For more chickens and banjo music, subscribe to Phoebe’s YouTube channel.

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