Mom Body-Shames Daughter At Bridal Salon, But Complete Strangers Step In With Beautiful Words Of Comfort.

Bride getting body shamed on What Would You Do?

Kleinfield Bridal in New York City offers the largest selection of wedding dresses in the world. Dozens of brides– along with their friends and family members– walk through the doors of the Kleinfield salon everyday, hoping to find their dream wedding gown. Normally, Kleinfield’s is where TV show Say Yes To The Dress is filmed, but– in the video below– a different show uses Kleinfield’s as a filming location: What Would You Do?


On this episode of What Would You Do?, producers and actors create a scenario often encountered on shows like Say Yes To The Dress and in real life. Two actors, playing a mother and her engaged daughter, are in the salon looking for the perfect dress. But the actor playing Mom repeatedly body shames the bride. What Would You Do? was testing to see how other shoppers would combat the bullying… And their reactions are amazing.

First, the actor playing Mom tells the bride actor that she’s too skinny; then, the show swaps out “bride” actors and the mom calls this actor fat. In both instances, total strangers step up to comfort the distressed bride.

At first, women wait until “Mom” steps out of site to approach the bride. They tell her she’s beautiful, affirm her, and give her advice on how to handle her mom. One woman happens to be a wedding planner, and she approaches the first bride, telling her “Here’s my card. If you have a single question about your entire wedding, you call me. This should be the most fun 6 months of your life.”

Eventually, some of the other Kleinfeld shoppers start to approach the mom herself. “You gotta support her.” One woman says to the mom actor, as the second bride cries. “Look at her! She’s beautiful!” Her word of encouragement comfort the bride, “You love the guy you’re marrying? Then don’t cry. Be happy! You’ll do him proud.”

Of all the women who stop to address the situation, the very last woman has especially powerful words. Watch the video below to see the moment she gives Mom some stern, yet heartfelt words of advice.

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