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“My Brother Is Gonna Be So Mad I Got Pregnant Young…” New Mom Shares Heartwarming Tale Of Love

A man looks off into the distance as he holds a baby to his chest. The baby looks content.

Going through a pregnancy is never truly easy. Still, being pregnant at a young age comes with its own difficulties. This is something that Olivia Marina understands from her own experience as a young mother. When she first got pregnant, she knew that there would be some people in her life who would be mad that she got pregnant at her age. One of those people she was confident about was her brother, Brax.

Little did she know, however, that Brax would go on to be one of the most supportive people in both her life and the life of her daughter, Lainey. Throughout Olivia’s pregnancy, Brax was always there to support his sister. In fact, she says that he took her to “every single appointment.” Once her little girl was born, he cried when holding her for the first time.

A young man smiles as he sits on a couch. He's looking down at the baby in his arms. Text on the image reads: him crying when he got to see her the first time after he was gone and didn't know I had her until a day after due to work

Ever since that day, the two of them have been inseparable. Whenever Brax gets the opportunity to show off his niece or do something special for her, he’s sure to take it. This includes introducing her to his co-workers and dressing up like Smokey Bear for her and other kiddos.

Someone dressed in a Smokey Bear costume cradles a sleeping baby in his arms while standing outside.

“I’m okay with fighting the world for you, Lainey bug,” Brax is quoted to have said.

After Getting Pregnant Young, This Woman’s Brother Becomes Her Biggest Supporter

A man looks down as he holds a baby in his arms. The baby is partly resting her feet on the dining table in front of her. On the table are plates of food.

In turn, Olivia can always count on her brother’s help whenever she needs him. Having his support has clearly meant the world to both her and her daughter. And now that their wholesome story has blown up online, Brax’s kindness is inspiring others as well.

A baby and a young man sit on a bed. The baby smiles as she holds a pair of sunglasses on her face. They're crooked. The man smiles at her.

“The bond they are building will last a lifetime, coming from a girl who was raised by her uncle,” someone shares in the comments.

“I am SOBBING,” another writes. “He’s gonna be a great dad one day.”

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