6-Yr-Old Befriends Waffle House Waitress And Gets Sweetest Surprise Days Later.

waffle house waitress

If there’s one thing the world needs more of, it’s people like a Waffle House waitress named Krystal.

This kindhearted woman has become the reason Wesley Miller and his two children, particularly his 6-year-old daughter, keep coming back to their local restaurant. The delicious food is just an added bonus.

waffle house restaurant
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Wesley says his daughter and Krystal instantly bonded over a shared love of earrings. Every time they came in to eat, the little girl pointed out the pair Krystal was currently wearing. Eventually, she mustered up the courage to tell Krystal she loved her jewelry. She’s done so ever since, until one day, when Krystal asked her, “Do you like unicorns or stars?”

The 6-year-old said she preferred the former. With that settled, Krystal told her she’d have a gift waiting for her the next time she came back in.


And when Wesley and his daughter returned, Krystal made good on her promise. She asked them to wait a few minutes while a man, presumably her husband, came in to deliver that special something. “Then she walked over and handed my daughter the most beautiful, purple, sparkly, unicorn earrings you’ve ever seen,” Wesley wrote, adding the little girl’s “eyes lit up when she saw them!”

“It may not seem like a big deal to some people but in a time when there’s so much selfishness and so much going through the motions without any thought of personal kindness, this lady remembered my daughter,” he added. “She went the extra mile, going out of her way to build a connection and make my daughter feel special. You can’t put a price tag on things like that.”

waitress gives girl earrings


“We could all learn a lesson in how to treat each other as humans by following the example of Krystal, the Waffle House waitress. She made one of my favorite humans feel special, and I am so grateful to her for her spirit and example!”

This thoughtful lady isn’t just going above and beyond to give her customers a great experience. She’s teaching a little girl the value of kindness and human connection — both of which are absolutely priceless. Keep smiling that brilliant smile, Krystal! We’d all benefit from taking a page out of your book.

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