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Woman Moves In With Her 94-Yr-Old Italian Nonna When She Can’t Afford Rent… & The Results Are Too Wholesome

A woman smiles as she and her Nonna walk outside. Nonna smiles and waves at the camera.

Life doesn’t always go according to our plans. Recently, a young woman named Rachel Albi found herself in a sticky situation. With the rising cost of… well, just about everything, she found herself unable to afford rent. With nowhere to live, she discovered a more uncommon living situation — at least one that’s less common in the United States. The idea? To live with her 94-year-old Italian Nonna!

This idea stemmed from the fact that Rachel simply has no other place to live. That being said, after living with her for a bit now, it’s clear that there are so many more benefits to their living situation than either of them imagined. So many, in fact, that Rachel created a wholesome compilation of moments they’ve shared since she moved into her home.

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“You gave Nonna purpose again!” someone writes in the comments. “No more loneliness.”

In the video, we can see Rachel and her Nonna making food, chatting, and celebrating her birthday. We also learn that, whenever Rachel has to leave the house, Nonna is always there to bid her farewell. Plus, this sweet elderly lady will even surprise her granddaughter with tea in bed at times!

Italian Nonna and Her Granddaughter Are Living Their Best Lives Under the Same Roof

Rachel’s sweet video of her and Nonna has gone viral with over a million views. In turn, countless folks are inspired by their heartwarming relationship.

Nonna sits on the couch and blows out the candle on her birthday cake that's being held in front of her.

“You can tell Nonna needed this just as much as you did,” someone points out. “You’re still her baby, and she just wants to take care of you.”

“This is so wholesome!!” another person shares. “Nonna has never been happier — and you’re making the best memories with the limited time you have with that sweet woman.”

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