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Sweet Boy Sees Lone Kid On The “Buddy Bench” And Works Up The Courage To Talk To Him

A little boy talks to a kid sitting on a blue buddy bench.

Making friends isn’t easy, which is why some schools have a “buddy bench” for kids who have no one to play with. It’s a great option for shy children to let their classmates know that they’d like someone to come hang out with them. Of course, not all kids have the courage to reach out to a person they don’t know that well. That’s why one mom was so amazed when her son did just that!

A woman on TikTok shared the most heartwarming story about her little boy’s response to seeing a lonely kid sitting at the buddy bench by himself. Although her son was riding his bike at the time, he quickly put the vehicle aside and took off his helmet in order to talk to the other boy. In no time, the pair were racing around the playground together!


I am so proud of my baby boy, his heart is gold. I truly believe this moment happened for a reason. Such a special day! #mysweetangel #friends

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“This was the proudest mom moment I have ever experienced in my life,” the woman wrote in her video. “To know my son has a heart like this makes me so proud.”

The boy on the buddy bench really needed a friend.

Unfortunately, not everyone had been so kind to the young man sitting on the buddy bench. He told his new friend that other children bullied him sometimes.

“He explained to us how kids at school made fun of him for being different, and he didn’t have many friends,” the mom added.

A little boy talks to a kid sitting on a blue buddy bench.
Screengrab from TikTok

Other parents in the comments section were impressed by how quickly the little boy dropped everything to hang out with a lonely stranger on the buddy bench.

“As a mom to a kid that’s on that bench, thank you so much for raising your kids to be such amazing humans,” one person wrote.

It’s so important for children to feel like they belong, which is why the buddy bench is such a great idea! However, it only works if other kids are willing to reach out. Kudos to this little boy for putting himself out there and making a new friend!

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