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cop helps mom break down

Local Cop Literally Goes Extra Mile To Help Frazzled Mom Whose Car Broke Down.

Sometimes it’s the darkest clouds that provide us with the most glorious silver linings.

As Shemecas Mabry was driving her daughter to school recently, she heard a strange sound coming from her car. The Waco, Texas, mother’s anxiety turned to real worry when she pulled into a gas station and discovered one of her tires was flat as a pancake.


To make matters worse, after Shemecas turned off the ignition she realized it wouldn’t turn back on. As she sat in the parking lot wondering what to do, she glanced at the clock and saw that she only had 45 minutes to get her daughter to school on time. That’s when Waco police officer John Rozyskie, a 30-year veteran of the force, happened to pull into the parking lot.

“He stopped and asked if I needed any assistance pumping the air to my tire because where he was standing he couldn’t see what was going on with the tire,” Shemecas said.


As Officer Rozyskie approached the car he quickly realized the tire was beyond repair. “When he got around he saw the tire was blown out. Then when we were getting ready to move the car in front of the pump we realized the battery wasn’t working either.”

When the cop heard that Shemecas was in a rush to get her daughter to school, he knew exactly what to do to help out this busy mom. He offered to take the little girl’s car seat out of the broken-down car, put it into his cruiser, and take her to school himself!

Shemecas was so impressed that she filmed a short video of the officer carefully buckling the child into the backseat of his car, then uploaded it to Facebook with the comment, “The devil tried me this morning but God had control of the whole situation.”


“This policeman seen me standing over here, my tire was flat and from getting to the house to the store it completely blew out. My baby got 30 minutes to get to school and this policeman saw me in Waco […] and stopped to help […] take my baby to school.”

Shemecas’s post went viral, and soon Rozyskie’s colleagues at the Waco P.D. chimed in with their praise for the everyday hero on the force. “These types of community interactions happen all the time with the great men and women we have working at Waco PD,” they wrote on Facebook. “Thank you Shemecas for taking the time to recognize the officer’s efforts!”


The Waco police are correct: Every day police officers around the world perform small acts of kindness and service for the people in their communities. These are the sort of things we need to recognize and be thankful for when they happen, so thank you Shemecas for making this kind deed public.

Watch Officer Rozyskie saving the day for one flustered mom and her daughter, and be sure to share.

The devil tried me this morning but God had control of the whole situation* Jukin Media Verified *Find this video and others like it by visiting licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.

Posted by Shemecas Shanta Mabry on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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