Ugandan Woman Dances With Joy Trying On 1st Pair Of Shoes She’s Ever Owned.

As people living in a modern world with internet access, warm homes, and food in the kitchen cabinets, it can be easy to forget that these things are luxuries some people will never experience. Traveling can open your eyes to poverty and the way millions of people struggle each day.


Traveler, Laura Grier, was recently exploring Bwindi National Park in Uganda, Africa when she saw an all-too-common sight: a local woman walking barefoot in the hot, disease-infested dirt streets of the marketplace.


Before she’d arrived in Uganda Laura had heard about the level of poverty endured by the village people. Many of these people struggle simply to find clean water to drink or food to give their children. Items like clothing and jewelry are hard to come by, and women like the one Laura saw had never even owned a pair of shoes before.

Telling her driver to stop the car, Laura sent him out to give the woman a pair of sneakers she’d brought along specifically to give to someone in need. As David the driver helped the woman put the shoes on you can see her excitement growing. She grins hugely and gives Laura an enthusiastic thumbs up as David crouches to tie the laces.


“When I saw the woman on the side of the road barefoot I urged my driver to stop. The woman was barefoot and had never owned shoes before,”Grier said. The second those comfortable, life-altering shoes were strapped to her feet the woman felt so good she couldn’t help but start to dance from joy. Just look at her face!


Laura’s video is swiftly going viral, and everyone who sees it can’t help but feel a little bit of that joy coming through the computer screen. Here is a woman who has never known this small comfort that we all take for granted each day, yet she is not bitter about what she doesn’t have, she’s merely thankful for what she’s given. We can all learn a lesson from her humble spirit and appreciation for life’s creature comforts.


This woman has next to nothing and she is so thankful which is a great reminder for us all to be grateful for what we have.

Watch Laura giving a beautiful gift to this local Ugandan woman in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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