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Truck Transforms Into A Legit, 25 Ft. Tall Castle. This Is Innovation!

Justin, Jola, and their son Piko have decided to live life in a way that is a bit different than others.

In a castle.

So cool.

With an incredible blend of artistry and engineering, the couple turned an old run down truck into an enchanting mobile home.

truck castle 3-combined


Part of the Living Big In A Tiny House initiative, this family is indeed living a pretty sweet life in their home.

Complete with a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, dining area, and even a rooftop deck- this truck is a comfortable home for anyone.

I really want one of these!

castle truck 1

The castle is totally solar powered and built for urban or rural trips.


castle truck 5

The sleeping loft is above the first, main floor.  It’s circular set up creates a relaxed, natural vibe.


castle truck 4


castle truck 3

The kitchen and family floor is actually quite spacious and functional.  Just check out all of these appliances and gadgets.  This is a real, legit house!


castle truck 2

Water tanks and bathroom turrets (located on the end) at to the comfort.


castle truck 6

Finally, the ridiculous view from the 3rd story, roof-top balcony is amazing.  They even are able to set up a bathtub up here.

Watch the video below to see how the home unfolds and share it to inspire creativity.

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