Mom Shocked When Trash Bag Starts “Walking” Toward Her, Cautiously Moves To Rescue Abandoned Animal.

Malissa Sergeant Lewis decided to take a short cut to work the other morning when she happened upon something that made her stop in her tracks. On the median of the country road she was following was a black plastic trash bag... but it seemed to be moving on its own. Not sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her, Malissa slowed her car to get a better look... and then it moved again. There was no doubt in her mind, there was something alive in that bag that was trying to escape. Unsure if the animal inside was dangerous, she took the video below before cautiously approaching. The moment Malissa stepped outside her vehicle the little life inside began desperately hobbling towards her. Disregarding her own safety, Malissa tore a tiny hole in the bag to see what was inside. It was an adorable little black puppy. The puppy was wearing a collar, but had no identification. Malissa took the little guy in her arms, put him in the seat next to her, and took him to work with her. By the end of the day, Malissa had fallen in love with the little pup. She named him Hefty. “He is playful,” Malissa told LittleThings. “We were just talking about how resilient he was. He romps around playing with his new toys. He’s good natured. Even the day that I brought him into the school where I work, the day I found him, he was precious. The guidance counselor, Mrs. Kelly is a big animal lover, she took the pup to visit second grade and the kids loved him.” Three cheers for Malissa and Hefty! We're so happy he's found a forever home. Share and spread some smiles!
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