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Toddler Doesn’t Realize He’s Terrible At Hide-And-Seek & Dad’s Video Is Hysterical.

Have you ever played hide and seek with a toddler? It’s not exactly the most competitive way to play, but it is sure to bring a lot of smiles and laughter.

One dad got his fair share of joy during a recent game of hide and seek with his son. His toddler’s hiding spot was so silly, dad took a video to share it with the world (and we can’t thank him enough for it).


In the video, dad plays it cool as he walks into the kitchen and clearly sees his son sitting on a window bench simply holding a pillow over his torso. The sweet tot is even peeking over the pillow and giggling as dad pretends not to see him.

Dad “looks around” the area asking, “Is he under the table? No. Is he in the kitchen? No. Is he in the sink!? No.” Meanwhile, the toddler is sitting still thinking he has the best hiding spot in the whole world.


Eventually, dad makes his way back around to the dining area where the kiddo is “hiding” and says, “Is he over by the window?” The cutie pie tries to stay still but eventually peeks over the pillow again and dad exclaims, “Found you!”


The toddler is too caught up in the game to be disappointed in being found – he simply puts the pillow back where it belongs and gets ready to go count so dad can go hide. The little guy has absolutely no idea that his hiding spot wasn’t quite as great as he thought it was – and that’s how it should be!

Check out the adorable round of hide and seek in the video below. Spread the joy and share this story with anyone who could use a dose of adorable in their day!

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