Concerned Dog’s Hilarious Way Of Comforting Friend Has Vet Cracking Up.

dog jumping vet

If you’re vertically challenged, you know full well how embarrassing it is to have to ask for help getting something off the top shelf…

Shorter people can only imagine, though, how frustrating it must be for this little nugget. He stands at just a few inches tall but he desperately wants to see what all is going on with his friend at the vet. Maybe he’s better off not knowing, but it looks like he’s part terrier, and they can’t stand being left in the dark. About anything. And so he jumps to get a little look-see…

tiny dog jumping

Gasp… She’s being subjected to the one thing that will turn even German shepherds into blubbering babies: the dreaded nail-trim.

Now he knows what they’re up against, but what to do? He assumes they just let him come in for moral support, but how much can he actually give when they can’t even see each other? He has to figure out a way to get them out of there.


Back on the floor, he starts pacing and considering his options as his little friend piteously squirms. Unfortunately, their options are limited. Even if he could convince her to make a run for it, jumping down from that height could result in serious injuries. The vets know this, and they know their clients know this, and that’s exactly why the examining tables are configured the way they are.

So Plan B it is. If he can’t help her escape, the least he can do is distract her.


Watch this sweet pup put his plan into action in the clip below, and share to spread laughs!

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