Heroic Cop Rushes To Rescue Woman Trapped In Burning Car, Bodycam Captures Dramatic Footage.

officer and burning car

At InspireMore, we’ve seen police officers go above the call of duty time and time again for those they swore to defend. We’ve seen an officer rush to save a choking baby and others do the dishes for a mom in the hospital, but the story of bravery in the video below is hard to beat.


A Washington state police officer is being hailed a hero after rescuing a woman from a burning car with no thought for his own safety. Officer Tim Schwering arrived at the scene of an inferno last Friday night fearing the worst, but ready to lay his own life down for those trapped inside.


When Schwering stumbled upon Kimberly Novak and her burning vehicle, Kimberly’s car had already begun to fill up with smoke. Schwering managed to break a window with his baton in hopes of unlocking the door, but opening the car door was impossible. In the frenzied and adrenaline fueled moments that followed, Schwering used his baton to break out the entire window so Novak could crawl through.


The dramatic scene, caught on his body cam, shows Schwering’s brave actions as they happened.

Check out the harrowing moment when Officer Schwering saves Kimberly from a burning car.

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