These Guys Are About To Zipline Off The World’s 2nd Tallest Building*. What They Do Is Unreal.

This. Video. Is. Insane.


Zip-lining and BASE jumping off of Dubai’s 1,400 foot tall Princess Tower might be one of the most perfect extreme sports venues in the world.  This video shows some of the world’s best jumpers, divers, and wingsuiters as they test out the extended platform on the world’s second tallest residential building*. The view is spectacular.

Shots like this remind us to get a little adrenaline in our life everyone now and then. Studies have even found that adrenaline can drastically improve brain functioning.

Here’s our takeaway: Go do something (anything) to get a little adrenaline going this week. If you haven’t felt a rush in a while, you’re missing out.

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