Brilliant 11-Yr-Old Accuses Teacher Of “War Crime” On End-Of-Year Feedback Form.

You may remember– from your days as a student– how frustrating it was when a teacher punished the whole class for a few students’ bad behavior. Children with anxiety, in particular, can have a difficult time processing a punishment which they didn’t deserve.


11-year-old Ava Morrison-Bell, from the UK, noticed this and decided she’d had enough.

It’s a fairly common practice in many school for teachers to ask for a review from students, so when Ava’s teacher asked for feedback, she was ready with a response… and historical evidence to back it up!


Below is Ava’s answer to the prompt “Things my teacher(s) can do better.”

Not use collective punishment as it is not fair on the many people who did nothing and, under the 1940 Geneva Conventions, it is a war crime.

When Ava’s dad glanced over her assignment and read what she wrote, he just had to tweet a picture!

The image has since been retweeted over 160 thousand times and liked nearly 550 thousand times.

Of course, the vast majority of commenters agreed: ice cream, Dad. For sure.

Dad later clarified that Ava “thinks her teacher is awesome– it’s just this aspect of the educational justice system she has an issue with.”

We totally get it, Ava.

Oh, and– most importantly– he made sure the masses knew he’d heard them.


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