Teacher’s 1st Aid Skills Come In Handy When 9-Yr-Old Student Chokes On Bottle Cap.

security footage from east orange community charter school in new jersey. third grade teacher janiece jenkins has her hands on 9-year-old robert's face. she just finished using the heimlich maneuver to save his life.

It was a typical day in math class when Robert decided it was time for a sip of water. The only problem was that he was having trouble opening his bottle.

When using his hands didn’t work, he resorted to using his mouth. In doing so, he accidentally sent the cap flying into his throat, causing him to choke.

“And then I started it with my teeth and then I was squeezing it a little,” Robert explained. “And then the water pushed the cap to my throat.”

Despite being in such a scary situation, the 9-year-old remained surprisingly calm as he rushed toward a sink. He hoped that if he coughed enough he’d be able to dislodge the cap… but he couldn’t.

When that didn’t work, Robert quickly made his way to his teacher, Ms. Janiece Jenkins, who was on the other side of the classroom. In an instant, she not only understood what was happening, but she also jumped into action to save him.

“He was pointing to his neck and he’s all flustered,” Ms. Jenkins said. “He can’t talk so then I just turn him around I perform the Heimlich maneuver and here we are.”

Once Robert was able to let his teacher know that she got the cap out, the first thing she did was ask if he was okay as she wiped his face. She also made sure that there wasn’t anything else in his mouth, just in case.

Soon after, the school let his mom know what had happened but, thankfully, Robert didn’t even have to go to the hospital.

Thanks to footage shared by the school, Ms. Jenkins is getting recognized for being the amazing teacher that she is by people across the country.

Choking is more common than a lot of us realize which is exactly why it’s so important, especially for people like Ms. Jenkins, to learn the Heimlich maneuver.

Thank you, Ms. Jenkins, for setting a great example for us all!

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