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Couple Becomes Kids’ Real-Life Heroes When They Take Dozens To See “Avengers: Endgame.”

Many of us look back fondly on our childhood trips to the local movie theater.

Loading up on popcorn, candy, and soda before settling in front of the big screen is a treat to every kid. But unfortunately, not every family has the money to enjoy such simple pleasures. That’s what inspired one couple from Dallas, Texas, to do more for their community.

carly and darius yancy

Darius and Carly Yance, share the same two passions: fitness and philanthropy. They figured out how combine both almost four years ago when they founded Sweat 4 Service, a non-profit organization which, according to their website, “brings people together in a fitness setting, to benefit various non-profit organizations around the DFW metroplex to do something more for those who have less.”

carly and darius

Sweat 4 Service hosts bimonthly events during which the Yancys and other volunteers hold community workouts in participating gyms and collect donations to brighten the lives of less-fortunate individuals. So far, they’ve put on over 15 events — the most recent of which gave deserving kids an unforgettable experience.

sweat 4 service

In April, the organization rallied enough donors to rent out a movie theater for a group of local middle school students from low-income families. Some had never been to the movies before and had the best time watching Marvel’s highly-anticipated superhero film, “Avenger: Endgame.”

sweat 4 service avengers event

“Met a kid who told me this was his 1st time going to the movies,” Darius later wrote. “This made me feel many ways but most of all so happy to share my love for superheroes with them.”

sweat 4 service avengers event

But the movie wasn’t their only treat. In the weeks before, gyms with Sweat 4 Service had been holding comic book drives and collecting Pop and action figure donations to hand out on the big day. They received nearly 300 comic books and more than enough gifts to distribute among the group.

sweat 4 service avengers donations

Clearly, this group of kids couldn’t have been happier — or more appreciative.

“My wife and I are by no means rich, far from it,” wrote Darius in an Instagram caption.

“[But] renting out a theater with the help of many good-hearted people to take all these middle school children to see Avengers has definitely been one of the most satisfying things to experience. Their excitement, shock, and overall happiness from Avengers was something that can’t be replicated, and to everyone that contributed to this… remember, we did it. Together. Thank you, everyone.”

sweat 4 service avengers event

Sweat 4 Service doesn’t just help Dallasites better their health. It creates opportunities and experiences for people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. Way to use your powers for good, Darius, Carly, and everyone involved! You’re the real superheroes.

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