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Mom Shares #BrilliantWays To Entertain Toddlers Without Breaking The Bank.

Each phase of a child’s development has its own challenges, but the toddler years are known for being particularly difficult.

After all, kids this age get bored easily and require constant supervision. That’s why Susie Allison started looking for ways to entertain her oldest son in 2015. Spoiler alert: what she came up with is brilliant!


“I think there’s this big misunderstanding that activities for kids need to be expensive and elaborate, and that’s just not the case,” Susie said.

That’s how she got started. She realized that spending a fortune on fancy toys was silly because her kids were just as interested in regular household items — if not more so!

Then she experimented with creative activities and shared her discoveries on an Instagram page she called “Busy Toddler.”


“They don’t need fancy,” she said. ” They just need engaging, fun play, and we can do that so cheaply using the things we have in our house.”

As soon as you open her Instagram page, that becomes perfectly clear. She uses items like plastic bins, dry rice, and measuring cups to give children sensory experiences that keep them occupied for hours.


Her ideas are such a bit hit among parents (and, more importantly, their toddlers) that her Instagram took off! She currently has over half a million followers, and it’s not hard to understand why.

While her tools are simple to use, they serve many purposes. Even handing a child a “dino bath” where they can clean their toys makes them feel important and useful — and helps them practice motor skills and learn to care for their belongings. Plus, parents love the silence that comes from their concentration!


Why didn’t we think of this? Each time a toddler pours, sifts, washes, or draws something, they have an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them. Not to mention, anything that makes parents’ lives easier is okay by us. Keep up the great work, Susie!

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