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Thief Steals Sick 5-Yr-Old’s Lemonade Stand Money So Community Rallies To Help Her.

Can you think of anything worse than someone stealing money from a 5-year-old’s lemonade stand? What if that 5-year-old was trying to raise money to help fund her life-saving medical treatments?

Katy Drekmann, or “Super Katy” as her community knows her, recently set up a lemonade stand outside her parents’ house in an effort to help raise money for her costly medical treatments. Then, someone dipped their hand in the money jar and robbed the sweet girl.


Katy was diagnosed with NF (Neurofibromatosis) which is a genetic disorder that causes the body to grow tumors on organs including the brain, nerves, skin, and spinal cord. The disease requires extensive medical treatment which doesn’t come cheap to Katy’s parents (but is, of course, worth it).


Katy’s parents were putting on an estate sale at their house as they prepared to downsize. According to her mom, Rebecca, they decided to sell their belongings and move into a smaller home in order to better afford Katy’s medical treatments.

Super Katy didn’t want to leave this all up to her parents, so the sweet girl set up a lemonade stand in front of the estate sale to help her parents earn money for her medical costs. She was off to a good start, too! She made over $100 at her sale, an amount that would make a difference to her family.


A lot of people were coming and going throughout the day, and at one point, Katy left her lemonade stand unmanned during all the hustle and bustle. When she returned, she looked in her money jar and saw that someone had stolen all her money.

The sweet girl was devastated, and her mom was livid that someone would steal from her daughter. Rebecca aired her grievances on social media and word spread. Soon, neighbors were asking for Katy to reopen her stand – which she did the next day.


Not only did the community show up to donate even more money than she had made the day prior, she even got herself some volunteer lemonade stand bouncers to ensure no one would touch her earnings.


Between her lemonade stand, her GoFundMe, and her Facebook Fundraiser, Super Katy’s community has donated nearly $30,000 towards her medical expenses. Their kindness has far outweighed the evil and hurt Katy and her family experienced after being robbed. For a 5-year-old who has had to learn a lot of hard lessons far too early in life, this one at least came with a very happy ending!

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