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old man boogie board

Family On Vacation Helps Elderly Man With Dementia Boogie Board 1 Last Time.

You truly never know when you’ll be called upon to help someone, but it’s good to be ready to say “yes” when the time comes.

Erik Swanson of York, Pennsylvania, was on vacation with his family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when an older lady approached his group. He could see that she was nervous to ask for a favor from a group of strangers, but after a moment she mustered the nerve to ask them to help her with her elderly husband.


“So today at the beach an older woman approached our group and asked if we would help her with her husband,” Erik explained on Facebook. “She said he has bad dementia and likely has less than a year to live. She said he told her he wanted to boogie board one last time… like he used to do when he was younger.”

Erik, who is a graphic designer and volunteer firefighter, didn’t hesitate to jump up from his beach blanket and lend a hand. To his surprise and delight, all of his friends and family also jumped up to help. Within minutes they had the man in the water and onto his boogie board.

old man boogie board

Erik and his friends used their strength to lift the man up and help him move around in the powerful waves. You can tell from the look on the man’s face that he’s delighted to be back in the water experiencing the joy of swimming like he did when he was just a boy. As he nears the end of his life, he can relive the joyful moments of his earlier days.

“So proud of my family and friends who didn’t hesitate to make this happen,” Erik wrote. “Very cool and touching moment. Will never forget the joy on the man’s face.”

old man boogie board

This was a small gesture but it meant so much to this man and his family. Erik’s family and friends were also blessed by the moment, thankful for their own strong bodies and minds which allow them to help others. This is the sort of wonderful event that can only occur if you are brave enough to ask for help — and give it, when needed.

Watch the men in action in the video below, and be sure to share this message of love and support with others.

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