Single Mother Left Her Child To Die, But Then This Man Stepped In With A Second Chance. Amazing!

We have all experienced the incredibly unsettling feeling of vulnerability. How would you feel if you didn’t have the ability to change your situation? The notion can be hard to grasp without being right in the middle of tragedy, but this world has plenty of examples for us to learn from.


Every year in South Korea, hundreds of babies are left to die in the streets. After finding an abandoned infant on his front porch one morning, this man decided to take the child in. Pastor Jon-Rack set up what he hoped would be a temporary “drop box” on the side of his home to save abandoned babies from death.

He now has 20 children in his care and hopes to continue his work for as long as possible, “they are not the unnecessary ones in the world, God sent them here for a purpose”.

Every child alive today has the chance to make this world a better place. From the moment they take their first breath the places life can take them are endless.

Here’s our takeaway: The video speaks for itself, but it is amazing to see how life trajectory can change with a measure of kindness. Check it out below!

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