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A New Island Just Appeared Off Coast Of North Carolina. Now Everyone Is Flocking To See It Before It Disappears.

People around the country are all talking about the new island that has recently formed off the coast of North Carolina.

The new land mass, known as Shelly Island, has appeared off the tip of Cape Point caused by the Atlantic Ocean’s changing tides and the two powerful currents that collide nearby.

Shelly Island only measures about a mile long and has the width of a football field, but many locals and tourists have begun flocking to the island for an experience that may not last forever.

Mark Dowdle, the deputy superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore told ABC that “it could continue to grow or soon it could be completely gone.”

With each passing day the island is slowly growing larger and larger, prompting many people to ask the question of who the land belongs to. The answer is that as of now, Shelly Island is still so new that there is not a single federal or state boat that patrols the water around the island.

“Right now, nobody’s really claiming ownership,” said County Commissioner Danny Couch to CBS News. “It’s sort of a no man’s land. This could be yours, or mine, or somebody’s. But it belongs to the American people. It’s a phenomenon.”

With the future of the island being so unknown there is one thing that is for certain: everyone in the area is making the most of this opportunity and rushing out to the island to experience it while it’s still here.

One big draw for the island is that it has become known for having tons of unique and incredible shells just scattered everywhere on the sand. An 11-year-old Caleb Regan visited the island over Memorial Day and was so amazed by the shells that he decided to give the island the name that has now stuck: Shelly Island.

“I thought it would just be like a little family nickname,” Caleb told CBS News. “I can’t believe it got this big. Very incredible.”

Island has now become a very popular place to shell and fish, Mark warns that any visitors to the island go with at least one other person. Because of the strong currents and riptides near Shelly Island, the water can be pretty rough and deceiving even during low tide.

Mark also advises that since there could be other marine life hidden by the waves, such as jellyfish, the safest way to reach the island is to use a kayak, paddle board, or surfboard while wearing a life jacket.

If you’re in search of a great place to visit this summer, maybe it’s time to add North Carolina to the list of places you’ve been to!

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