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Snowball Fights Were Illegal In This Town, Until Little Lawbreaker Takes On The Mayor.

For kiddos, one of the best parts of a snow day is playing outside with friends – and partaking in some friendly snowball battles.

9-year-old Dane Best is one of those kids, but there was just one problem. His Colorado town had outlawed snowball fights nearly a century ago. So, Dane decided to take on the town board and Mayor to overturn the ban.


Dane showed up to his town board meeting, ready with a PowerPoint presentation, to lobby against the snowball ban. Originally, he wanted his parents to do the fighting for him, but they insisted that if it was important to him he needed to be the one to present his case (with their support, of course).


So, Dane did what any driven kid would do – he fought for his right to play in the snow. According to Dane, the law is “pretty lame” and he told City Hall that “today’s kids need reasons to play outside, and kids want to have snowball fights without breaking the law.”


His presentation must have been pretty persuasive, because he won the fight with a unanimous vote to overturn the ban on snowball fights. The decision was met with a huge round of applause and cheers from the meeting’s attendees.


After the vote, the town’s Mayor invited Dane to be the first to throw the town’s first legal snowball.


He’s a criminal no more – which is a good thing because, as he says in the video below, he plans to run for President some day so he can have the White House all to himself.

Check out Dane’s story in the video below – and share his victory with your friends!

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