Seattle Business Owner Gave Away $930,000 Of His Salary For THIS Incredible Reason

Dan Price, who is a Seattle entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, has an annual income of about $1 million. However, he’s willingly lowered that to $70,000.


You don’t usually hear about successful people in business aiming to lower their salary, but he’s got an incredible reason why… and it all has to do with a deep care for his employees.



The businessman has a deep care for his employees, so he’s taking the pay cut in order to guarantee his 70 workers a yearly salary of $70,000. Wow. You’re probably wondering what in the world inspired him to do this. As Price has said, “Seattle is not the most affordable city and I want everyone to know that I care about my employees being able to do all the same basic stuff that I do. I want them to be able to drive whatever car they want to drive as long as it’s reasonable, live in a decent. Just all the basics.”


When Price called the meeting to announce the new earning plan, his employees had no idea what was coming. As he was letting him know what was going on, at first there was silence, with some mouthing the words “Oh my God” and “What?”. But when their boss was finished speaking, he was greeted with a standing ovation.


Price was also motivated by concerns over the income gap. One of six children, he said he grew up in a household that had difficulties trying to achieve a middle-class lifestyle.


One comment from employee Cody Boorman really sticks out, “We are going to to be able to start to have a family months before we initially thought we could.” This attests so much to the true impact the CEO’s decision will have on each person. Alyssa O’Neal, a single mother, said she can buy a house by the time she’s 21, which was one of her major goals. She said, “As a mom, it just means stability, confidence.”


Price mentioned receiving criticism on social media, questioning the pay raise. The comments are saying that the increase is bad for business. But Price said, “I don’t think that’s true.”


He also replied with, “I would like to have this spark a conversation and basically have people start to think about a different way of doing business.” This is a man with a true message of integrity, consideration and love. We could all learn from a person like this, who’s motivation is not that of self-gain, but of true-heartedness.

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